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    Choir Program 6-11yrs

    What makes the Colourstrings Chorus unique?

    A 1 hour class in choir program includes 30 minute Choir portion taught by Choral Director, Risa Takahashi, and a 30 minute musicianship lesson where students learn how to sing with good pitch, read music, and develop a good ear through musical games, as well as sing together. Assisted by our Vocal Teacher Erin Sutton.

    Read about our Our Choir Director : Risa Takahashi 

    Read about our Vocal Teacher : Erin Sutton

    When do we meet? - The Choir meets for 1 hour class each week, either on a Monday, Friday or Sunday. Depending what Level you are placed in will determine the time and day. We will allocate the levels based on experience:

    LEVEL 1 Choir & Musicianship
    (New to Colourstrings, no music reading experience)
    SUNDAY 2:00PM - 3:00PM or
    MONDAY 5:35PM - 6:35PM

    LEVEL 2 Choir & Musicianship  
    SUNDAY 2:00PM - 3:00PM or
    MONDAY 5:35PM - 6:35PM or
    FRIDAY  3:45PM - 5:00PM

    LEVEL 3 Choir & Musicianship  
    SUNDAY 2:30PM - 3:30PM or
    MONDAY 4:35PM - 5:35PM or
    FRIDAY 4:30PM - 5:30PM

    LEVEL 4 Choir & Musicianship  
    MONDAY 4:35PM - 5:35PM 

    How to join the Choir - We are always accepting registrations for Choir & you can join anytime at a pro-rated fee. If you are interested in your child joining the choir, please "Add to Cart" The Choir Intake and proceed to "Check-Out".  

    You will not be charged for this Choir order, as we are currently excepting new students.  We will use your order to contact you about which choir to place your child in.  (There are no auditions required, however there are 4 levels of Choir & we will place you in the correct level.)

    September to June one day a week minus Holidays (approx. 30 weeks see schedule).

    The Program begins in Fall and runs through until Spring, commitment to both sessions is required. We are offering different payments options & pro-rated options for late registrations.

    • Session 1 (September - January):  $325
    • Session 2 (February - June):  $200
    • Total : $525 for the year
    • Includes a Choir Polo Shirt, Choir Folder and all sheet music and performance fees. The musicianship workbook is also included in this (used in class).

    Choir Session 1 - September to December - Winter Concert in December.

    Choir Session 2 - January 21st - March 
    No Concert in Spring Break
    April to June - Summer Concert in June.

    We will have two guaranteed performances during the year, and possibly a third. The performances will be part of our Winter Concert in December and our Spring into Summer Concert in June. Performances will be on stage and parents and friends can purchase tickets for the performances.