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    Violin & Viola Lessons with Laura

    Violin & Viola Lessons with Laura 2019

    Please use this section to pay for the VIOLIN / VIOLA only if you are a Returning Student with Laura. You can attend the String Group as per Lauras advise.

    * Laura will be starting to sort out the schedule and she will make a note of whether you wish to keep your current time or switch to another available time.

    • 1 lesson 30 - 45 min per week / depending on level 
    • $33- $46 per week + $20 One time Admin/ Copy/ Group fee 

    The above fees include Admin, Group classes, extra sheet music, workshops and performances for the session.


    Instrumental lessons follow the school year Fall Session, Winter Session and Spring Session. Please be aware that you will be expected to attend during these sessions. There is more information on our Instrumental Policy when you register. Summer lessons may be available upon request to the teacher.

    Please read the booking policy & Code of Conduct before registering

    Discount for Joining the Choir
    The instrumental students that have attended our choir and musicianship program alongside their instrumental lesson this year have made great progress on their instrument and they sing with accurate pitch, fluency in music reading and musical expression and phrasing. 

    For instrumental learners at all stages of musical development, learning to sing expressively is a central ingredient of expressive playing and learning to hear and play two and three part harmony.

    Therefore we strongly recommend that you join our Choir and Musicianship program that runs throughout the year. 

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