F. TERM 3  - SPRING 2023 - Musicianship & Reading 2 - (5-6 year olds) *Prerequisite

F. TERM 3 - SPRING 2023 - Musicianship & Reading 2 - (5-6 year olds) *Prerequisite

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Classes start : from Mon Mar 27th onwards

Children should complete 3 progressive sessions to move onto next level of the Colourstrings program. No food, drinks, recording or devices in the classes please

* Prerequisite/ advanced class
All children should have completed a full year in the 4-6yr Musicianship 1 class. In the 5-6 year classes children learnt to read basic music notation and other essential skills. 

In the Musicianship 2 class we move on to more advanced music reading (syncopated and dotted rhythms) as well as the skills described below.


Playground style musical games challenge your child's aural perception through more complex songs and creative movement. Parachutes, glockenspiels and other props continue to play an integral part of each class and help to bring alive the musical points. The children are now becoming confident individuals and enjoy taking the initiative in leading others: they get great pleasure from working things out for themselves.

Through creative movement your child will develop an awareness of musical form and expression as they become more involved in making choices about the use of dynamics and tempo within a song.

Now that their ears have been "finely tuned" we sing in solfège (do,re.mi) with hand-signs, which enables children to listen to music and transcribe it onto paper, and to look at sheet music and hear it internally without the use of an instrument challenge children’s aural perception. The focus is on developing music literacy and reinforcing music concepts

What you need: 

We will have "Music Bags" available, prepared with care and they will come in a Colourstrings Bags from $21. They are all new instruments, that can be used by child and parent, and cleaned at home then re-used. Everything you will need and more. We will be handing out limited instruments for multiple use, so you can bring something small this week for something to shake, to tap, to wave (scarf) and a small teddy to cuddle. 

Children should complete three sessions to move onto Choir or an instrument.

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