D. Term 3 - SPRING 2023 - Music & Movement - 3-4yrs

D. Term 3 - SPRING 2023 - Music & Movement - 3-4yrs

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Classes start: Mon 27th Mar onwards

Children should complete 3 progressive sessions to move onto next level of the Colourstrings program. No food, drinks, recording or devices in the classes please

Overview — "Beginner Musicianship without Parent"

For the first time, we encourage young children to sing, move and play instruments independently of parental support.

We now progress onto specific musical details in the Colourstrings songbooks and the whole experience is brought alive using colourful ideas, puppets, percussion instruments, parachutes, and live music. 

Musical stories captivate your child's imagination as they become actively involved in sharing ideas in a supportive musical environment where individual creativity is encouraged. This age group enjoys lots of partner games and dances that support the development of solo singing, through playful pitch matching games.

The focus is on developing rhythm and pitch.  Once your child is confident in clapping rhythms, simple notation is introduced using pictures. 

What you need: 

We will have "Music Bags" available, prepared with care and they will come in a Colourstrings Bags from $21. They are all new instruments, that can be used by child and parent, and cleaned at home then re-used. Everything you will need and more. We will be handing out limited instruments for multiple use, so you can bring something small this week for something to shake, to tap, to wave (scarf) and a small teddy to cuddle. 

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