E. TERM 3 - SPRING 2023 - Musicianship & Reading 1 - 4-6 year olds

E. TERM 3 - SPRING 2023 - Musicianship & Reading 1 - 4-6 year olds

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Classes start:  Monday Mar 27th onwards

Children should complete 3 progressive sessions to move onto next level of the Colourstrings program. No food, drinks, recording or devices in the classes please

*prerequisite - take if you are new 4-6yrs. This class is also a good starting point for 4-6 years if you have not taken classes before.


Your child will be immersed in singing games that challenge their aural perception and lead them towards a conscious understanding of the basic music concepts. Movement games and stories with the rhythm bears lead your child into reading and writing rhythmic stick notation.

Your child will be encouraged to create and "compose" short rhythm and melodic patterns with xylophones, body percussion, and their voice. The introduction of solfège (do, re, mi) and hand-signs help your child to sing more accurately in-tune and visualize when the pitches of songs go up and down and how they relate to each other. Beat and rhythm are now combined together in partner games and the children start to do two different things at the same time which leads into 2-part singing.

The focus is on developing a strong sense of pitch and rhythm, putting creative ideas into musical language and teaching what music means when they see it written down.

What you need: 

We will have "Music Bags" available, prepared with care and they will come in a Colourstrings Bags from $19. They are all new instruments, that can be used by child and parent, and cleaned at home then re-used. Everything you will need and more. We will be handing out limited instruments for multiple use, so you can bring something small this week for something to shake, to tap, to wave (scarf) and a small teddy to cuddle. 

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