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Violin or Viola <br>w/ Ailbhe Smyth <br>Fall 2021

Violin or Viola
w/ Ailbhe Smyth
Fall 2021

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  • Ages 5½ - 18 years old
  • 13 weeks
  • In-person, online via Zoom, or a combination of both

Please confirm the day and time with the teacher or admin.


Children are invited to explore their instrument through pictures and games. An overall sense of play engages them into highly focused studies. Familiar Singing Rascals songs from the music and movement classes reappear in the instrumental tutor books making learning the technical demands of the instrument much easier.

By colouring, copying, composing, performing, and improvising, children develop:

  • Solid technique;
  • Musical theory;
  • Musical expression;
  • Ear training through Solfège (do, re, mi);
  • The ability to transpose pieces at sight; and
  • Music reading and writing skills through Colourstrings' colour-coded system of notation.


Children should have completed Musicianship & Reading 1 and 2.

Children with no previous Colourstrings experience will still learn easily, but need to be grouped with other children of a similar level in order to begin to develop essential musicianship skills and instrumental skills simultaneously.

There will be some instructional books and materials also required, they can be purchased online or at the school.


Price includes a $20 registration fee.